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Stories By Ozolua Uhakheme,

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If the variety of genres, the size and reactions of the audience as well as the duration of musical concert are indices to measure the performance of Sotiris Papadopoulos-led Salvadorsango band at the Goethe Institut stage penultimate Saturday, then the group did not only find its rhythm but thrilled the crowd to a scintillating musical presentation.

Although most of the band’s presentations were instrumentals, but the ease with which the band switches from one genre of music to another speaks volume of the skill and competence of the band members, who are mainly Nigerians.

Apart from Sotiris Papadopoulos, a Greek physicist and Ph.D holder in Atomic Physics from Oxford University, the rest of the band are Nigerians, who have at different times performed alongside renowned musicians like Lagbaja, Onyeka Onwenu, Peter King, Neil Oliver and Ayo Bankole. In spite of staying together in less than two years, the band was able to present rich variety of musical works that traverse jazz, Afro-beat, Latin-American rhythm, Rock, Juju and Gospel. And it was difficult sometimes for listeners to draw a line between the different styles they put up during the concert. No doubt, the band members demonstrated a mastery of their instruments that constantly attracted applause from the audience. In fact, Sotiris guitar works conveniently took the audience on a long spell, especially when doing a solo.

But not much of Afro-beat or Juju music was offered.  One expects the experiences of the likes of Segun Adeshola, Victor Ademofe, Tosin Oyedele, and Segun Adeniran, having performed with Neil Oliver, Onyeka Onwenu, Ras Kayas, Ayo Bankole and Peter King, to influence the flavour of their music in terms of Gospel or Juju music. 

In any case, the overall stagecraft of the band is another plus just as the acoustic level of the production made the night a wonderful experience. However, the show that also featured a guest artiste, Tee Mac, offered more of Latin-American and Rock music to the delight of a large number of diplomats and arts enthusiasts. The band’s appearance at the Goethe Institut was followed by a playing tour of Lome on February 7 and 8 and in Cotonou on February11, 12 and 14.   



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